Sunday, 28 August 2011

Built-In Lockers Progress

Kevin and I make a great team, I think.  I come up with crazy design ideas, and he makes it happen realistically.  I always intend to build it myself, but when he sees my ideas, he makes them better, and takes over the power saws.  Probably just as well.  The only power saw I'm somewhat comfortable using is a mitre saw.  Which I will be using over the next few days to put up trim and board and batten in this tiny space.  Then it will be painting time!  Something that falls solely in my realm, due to my perfectionist-control-freak tendencies.  I like to paint.

This sight makes me smile this morning!

I'm  so lucky to have a husband who not only supports my crazy projects, but makes them happen.

My mom wasn't so lucky, due to my Dad's brain injury, which made him not the most reliable assistant.  When I was four, we moved into a duplex that was not far off from being condemned.  The bathroom floor was nearly rotted through.  My mom single-handedly (well, I'm sure she had help for some things) brought that place from gross, dangerous, outdated, to nice, clean, and renovated.  She replaced the bathroom subfloor, painted all the kitchen cabinets, installed wainscotting, installed a bathroom in the basement, painted the entire house--main floor and basement, and built a wall between the entry and living room.  that wall had a built-in china cabinet on the living room side and four built-in cubbies on the entry side, one for each kid.  She also built a little bench in the entry.  That was made necessary because she wanted the piano to fit into the basement, so some of the floor had to be removed.  She did that, beautifully.  I'm so proud of my mom, and I hope I can be more like her.

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