Saturday, 27 August 2011

Creating Function (and Beauty!) in a Mudroom

The leaves are starting to change here already.  I swore in the spring, as I put away all the winter boots and coats (and then pulled them out again...then put them away), that before fall I would build mudroom shelves and lockers.

Ok, so we don't really have a mudroom.  We have a teeny-tiny back entry off the kitchen.  We've tried a few things back there to keep things organized.  It is the door we always use, since the garage is out back.  Nothing has really worked.  It had an ugly wire coat rack and shelf.  Those are fine and functional in closets with doors, but looked awful and didn't work with the space.  We hung our coats on hooks.  The kids pulled down their hooks twice!  The wall I put them in has no studs.  For my birthday, my friend gave be a gorgeous wooden bench with a little storage, which worked much better than the walmart shoe shelves we had before.  But it still wasn't perfect.

So yesterday, after getting the go-ahead from Kevin, I dismantled everything, patched the walls, and even scrapped the popcorn ceiling off!  I've been wanting to do that ever since I figured out my plan in the spring.  To see some images that have given me inspiration for this project, check out my Pinterest board.

I had to put up a makeshift curtain before Kevin would let me sand.  He is a very smart man.  I had already scraped off the popcorn, which didn't make too much mess, but the amount of dust I had to sand off was chokingly astounding.  Yes, I wore a mask.  I should have worn safety glasses too.  I think the sheet I used for the curtain is from the 70s.  My mom gave it to me the first year I grew tomatoes, so I would have something to cover them with in case of frost.

Today, my plan is to prime the walls, then go buy the white semi-gloss paint and peacock blue satin paint that I need for the room.  I'm hoping Home Depot will have a quart of mistint in a nice colour.  I'll also buy some of the wood I need for the lockers and shelves, and some of the board and batten.  I'm thinking of moving the light switch  over about three inches on the stud-less wall...But I may just leave it and work around it.  My other project to complete this week, while we're borrowing the table saw from Kevin's dad, is my poor little hole-in-the-wall cupboard.

Ever since I started this mess, Nick has been carrying around his toy drill and fixing things too.

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