Friday, 19 August 2011

My 2-year-old Nicholas

You know when 2-year-olds try to blow out their birthday candles and end up spitting all over the cake? Well, Nicholas blew out his candles like a pro! No spitting, and he got it on the first try!  It's hard to believe that my brown-eyed boy is two already.  But then I look at his 3-year-old-sized body and have to believe it.

His birthday yesterday gave me an excuse to try a cake I've been wanting to make.  It has two ingredients: yellow cake mix (just the powder) and a can of pumpkin. I put a spiced glaze over the top.  I think it would have been better with a plain vanilla glaze.

 We went to Ikea yesterday.  Juli went to play in the kids' area.  Nick was very upset that he couldn't go too. As a special birthday treat, I let him push a kid-size cart instead of being strapped in to a regular one.  He had a blast pushing that thing around the store.  He kept yelling Run! and trying to go too fast.  I was grateful for the parent handle.

Throughout the whole store, Nick looked everywhere for Juli.  In the kitchens, behind the sofas, etc.  He kept asking for, "Anana?" Yes, he calls his sister "pineapple" in french.

Everytime we sang Happy Birthday or blew out candles, Nick clapped and cheered. "Yay!"

I love the personality that is shaping in this little guy.  He is very tidy.  He likes to have things lined up just so.  He likes to clean up.  He likes to help.  He likes to figure out how things work, and doesn't get easily frustrated like his perfectionist sister does.  He has the patience to see it through.  On the other hand, we need to work on having patience in other things, like waiting for supper.

This morning, my little boy found a crocheted potholder.  He brought it to me, gently spread it on my shoulder, then laid his head down on it.  I guess it reminded him of his favourite blanket.  He loves hugs and kisses, although he doesn't sit still to cuddle as long as I'd like.  He always has to be on the go.

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  1. How did the rest of the cake turn out?? It sounds so delicious and simple! Your boy is such a cutie.


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