Thursday, 22 September 2011

Happy Almost Fall!

It's fall at our house.  Yeah, so it's technically summer for about 20 more hours.  But I always know it's fall when I get an insatiable urge to bake.  This week, I've been undoing all my good healthy eating work of the summer.  It's awful.  But I LOVE to bake.

Nick, proudly sporting his first pair of undies:

Kevin's grandma gave me, along with a bag of delicious apples from her tree, some vintageish notions.  Mostly ribbon, but some lace, bells, and other things.  Including about 3 or 4 tape measures.  I now have no excuse to not be able to find one when I need it!

The ribbon and lace colours were mostly too bright for my taste.  So I attempted to bleach them.  Unfortunately, it only worked half-way on the teal, the other colours are unaffected.  So I may try again with a chlorine bleach (I used an oxygen bleach last time), or I may just dye them all with coffee.

Happy fall!

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