Sunday, 4 September 2011

Mudroom Lockers...ready for accessorizing!

Ok, maybe not accessorizing as much as stuffing full of all our shoes and coats and junk.  But it will be pretty! I'm thrilled that I finally have some farmhouse character in this house!  Kevin, we'd better not move for at least a couple of years now!  I think I'm in love.  I stand and stare with satisfaction at our handiwork.

I still have some small hooks to add, but I'm not sure where they'll go yet.  We have yet to find a tray that will work for Kevin's stuff.  What I had in mind isn't going to happen, because apparently, Ikea doesn't sell those particular trays any more.  I'd like to find vintage locker baskets, but I'll probably end up going with wicker or something.

 What do you think of the colour?  It's Smoked Turquoise by CIL.  I was aiming for something with a bit more blue in it, but all the blue ones that looked good with the kitchen paint colour were quite dark.  Kevin didn't want dark, and I didn't want to have to paint three coats.  So we went with this one.

I am looking forward to civilising my house again.  It's been a complete disaster area while I was working on this.  I'll be moving the cleaning supplies and extra batteries and lightbulbs to the front hall closet (which has doors), and moving all our in-season outdoor stuff in here, in baskets.


  1. That's impressive! It's beautiful!! Great job!

  2. Have I mentioned lately how cool I think it is that you're getting your mud room? It's beautiful!

  3. very nice!!! i love it! you guys did a great job. :o)

  4. Your mudroom looks gorgeous! I love the colors you chose. I'm your newest follower in Linky followers tool. Would love to have you visit my blog and do the same.

  5. Great job, what are the specs of your space?

    1. Good question, Karen! Thanks for asking! The ceiling is 8ft high. The lockers are 44 inches wide. The bench/shoe storage at the bottom is 21 inches deep and 18 inches tall. The lockers themselves are 15 inches deep. If you'd like the dimensions of the individual cubbies, or any other details, feel free to send me an email. Have a great day!


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