Monday, 17 October 2011

Fall Art Project

I think I'm becoming a homeschool mom!  Juli has mastered the alphabet and is now learning her letter sounds, which we review in the van as we drive along with her Wee College memory verses.

And today we did our first detailed family art project.  I found the project HERE, and decided that I wanted to try it with Juli.  I prepared the background of the pictures last night, one for Nicholas too, although he's only two.

They make quite a pretty collection of paintings.  Here's mine:  (aren't you proud of me? I mastered a 2nd grade art project!  yay!)

Here's Juli's: (She did an amazing job, and loved doing it, especially the straw-blowing part to make the branches.)

And here's Nicks: (He did so well!  He loved blowing with the straw, and when he did his leaves, he said "Pop, pop, pop..." for each one.)

The background and tree trunks/branches were done with my watercolour paints.  The leaves were done with Juli's tempera paints.  I hung up the pictures using command hooks and binder clips near the back door.  I needed something to put there since I gave away my straw hat (and it's no longer summer), and all my quilted wall-hangings that would fit are wintery.  I suppose I could have just removed the one hook that was there and had an empty wall.

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