Friday, 18 November 2011

DIY Diamond-Paned windows - just in time for Christmas Decorating!

Our house is 3.5 years old.  I try so hard to infuse some old-house-character into it, but it's difficult.  However, today I finally finished a project that I've been working on all summer.  We have a lovely bay window in our kitchen that just looked too modern.  Luckily, Kevin didn't say no to my crazy idea to add faux diamond-panes.

Back in April, I bought two packs of 1/4 inch vinyl pinstriping from an auto parts store.  That was enough to do the two small windows and about a third of the big window.  But the store was out of the vinyl I needed.  I must have gone back a dozen times over the summer, but they never had any.  They told me it was on order.  The one time I resolved to head to the other side of the city on the chance the other store would have some, Juliana decided to get sick so we went home instead.

Eventually, I dashed in one more time, not holding any hope that the vinyl would be in stock yet...ever.  But they had some!  Yay!  It's been sitting on my counter for a week or two waiting for me to finish.

The diamonds are different for each window, but since each window's pattern is straight and symmetrical, it looks perfectly fine.  But the grapevine wreath needs more embellishment.

We've slowly been adding Christmas decorations to the house.  We got our first real snowfall yesterday and now I'm definitely in the Christmas spirit!

I have yet to start shopping.  I'm dreading it.

I hope you're enjoying the season!


  1. Looks nice!
    Is your fireplace REAL!?!?!? I never noticed that before. I guess I always just assumed that it was gas!! VERY nice!!!

  2. what a great idea! i love it. i'm dreading shopping too. as kids get older, the shopping gets harder. and a LOT more expensive!!

  3. @Beth, thanks so much! It would look better of I could take decent pictures though.

    @Jenn, that's not our fireplace. That's the fireplace at the cabin. Ours is awful modern gas. I guess I shouldn't complain about it, as it is very easy to turn on for ambiance...I have it on right now at 6:30 am on a Saturday.

    @Marie, At least you don't have to take them with you ;-)

  4. What color vinyl did you buy? Did you put it on the interior or exterior of the window?

    1. I bought white 1/4-inch auto pinstriping, and put it on the inside of the window. Six years later, it's holding up perfectly!


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