Thursday, 1 December 2011

Jingle Bells on the Porch

Our cute little front porch is not symmetrical.  I wish it was.  But I work with what I have.  After I removed the planters filled with dead annuals, it just looked bare...and the asymmetry bothered me every time I looked at it...or even thought about it.

They've been pruning the boulevard trees in our neighbourhood lately, so one day I pulled over into an alley and dragged a bunch of branches from one of the piles into my van.  The back was filled with groceries, so I put them in the front seat.  The ends rested on Nick's lap behind the driver's seat.  He was so proud to help!

I intended to spray paint them all white, but I ran out of spray paint after doing about half.  I trimmed them down a little, and wedged them between and around two bricks in a plastic planter that hadn't made it into recycling yet.  Then the branches just looked naked, so I hung some jingle bells.  I made these bell ornaments four our first Christmas 10 years ago, and they drove Kevin crazy over the years because there was so many and they took forever to put on and take off.  So we've only used a few on our tree this year and last year.  Eventually I may put something Christmassy around the base to disguise the plastic planter.

We've been having unseasonably warm weather lately, which has been great.  But still, at minus 5 or so, it really wasn't barefoot weather.

Kevin and Juli decorated a "gingerbread man house".  She insists it's not just a gingerbread house.


  1. Your entrance looks very welcoming and festive!

  2. Very sweet gingerbread man house. :) And I like your jingle bells! What a neat idea!


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