Monday, 23 January 2012


It has taken me months (of intermittent procrastination), but I'm finally close to the end of decluttering my former craft/sewing area.  I initially began the task because I was going to mostly stop creating so I could focus on my editing career.  See how that turned out here.  Although I've decided to keep creating, I still wanted to clear out all the unnecessary stuff that I was keeping just in case I ever decided to make something with it.  And I needed to organise.  And my laundry area wasn't functional with all that stuff in there.  Neither was our office area.  These photos I found on Pinterest may give you an idea of the look and feeling I'm after...of course all these rooms have big windows while my area is in the basement with one small window.

source - if anyone knows the original source, please let me know...I could only find it on tumblr.
And here is what it really looks like as of this morning.  Feel free to avert your eyes from the horror.

I'll be taking a big load of stuff to Goodwill this morning, and I have a bin of things I need to sort through and list for sale.  Mostly fabric and decor items.  I have a huge garbage bag full of fabric scraps that I was thinking about listing for free on Kijiji, but at this point I'm really tempted to just throw it all out.

Once my stuff is cleared up and organised, I hope I can convince Kevin to drywall the area.  Then I'll paint the walls and put up curtains up on the side without a wall, where the storage shelves are in the third picture. And shelving would help.  This may take all year.

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  1. Oh the horrors!! I see we are in the same scary basement boat!! Yippie for Goodwill - both for giving and receiving! Good luck.

  2. Hi Joanna - well I must admit that your laundry room looks kind of like my craft area in our old basement. Have 1970's yellow and orange wallpaper and bright yellow paint on the particle board to contend with. Drywall? You bet. Just don't know when.

  3. Have fun!!!
    I'm kind of doing the same thing myself...


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