Friday, 27 January 2012

I Want to Buy a Boat

I have this shelf.  Above the fireplace.  It's weird and awkward and very difficult to decorate.  I think it's meant for a TV, but ours is in the basement (and would be too big for the space anyway.)

Currently we have our Ipod dock/sound system up there, with some decor items that have been displaced from elsewhere, Kevin's CMA certificate, some noisemakers from a hockey game, and I think a Chicago Blackhawks Santa hat.  I'll be building some shelves elsewhere that I want to move the sound system to, and then I want to find something really big to put up there.  It has to be big enough to fill the space proportionately by itself.  I don't want anything else up there.

So I was thinking a boat would work.  Not a full on Spanish galleon, but a schooner or other sail boat would work.  And be appropriate since we live in a lake community.

I saw this picture at sixteen fourteen and that's where I got the boat idea from  I love how big it is.  I don't know.  When it comes time to look, I may decide on something else entirely.

PS: To a Pretty Life now has a facebook page and an advertise page...check it out and spread the word!


  1. Aww, thanks Jo! It's a pond yacht from Crate & Barrel if you're really interested. ;-) I wish I could ship it to you (pun intended) but I know it wouldn't make the trip!


    1. Aimee, thanks for letting me know! We have a Crate & Barrel that recently opened here...I may have to set aside my boycott of that mall and go take a look! It's gorgeous.


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