Thursday, 26 January 2012

Pretty Rugs

I hate my rug.  It's a beige $39 berber Walmart special, and it's stained and falling apart and I hate it (yes, I like hyperbole).  But 6x9 rugs are expensive, so I can't replace it yet.  Sometimes I roll it up and stash it behind the couch so I don't have to look at it for a while.  But we have slippery laminate and a rug is pretty much a necessity in this house.

But one day I'll be able to get a rug I like...maybe a cowhide?

Or a traditional braided rug?  Now that's really farmhouse!


Or maybe this Dash & Albert indoor/outdoor rug?  It can just be hosed off to clean it!

I found this rug on Kijiji a couple of months ago, and if my kids were a little older and less prone to spill things, I would have bought it.  Looking at it now, I should have bought it anyway despite the $249 asking price!  Oh well.  When I'm ready, I'm sure I'll find the perfect rug.

source: kijiji (ad is no longer active)
In the meantime, I may try to make my rug prettier like this:

PS: To a Pretty Life now has a facebook page and an advertise page...check it out and spread the word!

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  1. Love the cowhide - I have one in my foyer. The chevron is fun too!


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