Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Dreaming at Ikea

When we went to Ikea on Monday (to use the coupon we got when we bought our Christmas tree), I noticed this kitchen.  Of course I've seen it fifty times before and liked it, but I never before really stopped to look at it.  When I did...I fell in love!  My favourite features are the huge double-basin white farmhouse sink, and the honed marble backsplash.  The price is not so great, but it's a good deal for what is quite a huge kitchen.  I'd substitute either soapstone counters (if money wasn't an object), or concrete counters.

Seriously, I could move right in here.  It's gorgeous!  I asked my kids, "Can we buy this kitchen?"  So now Nicholas thinks that we can buy the showrooms at Ikea.  We passed a living room when we were there today (with one of those circus-like green-striped sofas) and he asked, "Buy it?"

But what were we doing at Ikea twice in one week?  Well, one of my objectives on Monday was to buy shelf brackets.  Our bookshelf (also from Ikea) is filled to overflowing.  I'm planning to build shelves on one of our weird little walls by the front door in the living room.  If you follow my facebook page, you may have read how disappointed I was when I found out they have discontinued the brackets I wanted!

I bought different brackets to see if they would work, but I was NOT looking forward to having to paint them, or having to cut out little notches in the shelves to fit.  Today I went back to buy the others I needed and as we strolled through the showroom (so I could get these pictures of my dream kitchen to share with you), I noticed that one of the bedrooms happened to have 6 of the brackets still displayed!    I thought maybe I could ask about buying those.

Serendipitously, the very person I found to ask was Christine, who is in charge of the bedroom displays.  She promised to take them down ASAP and then call me once they're ready!  I am so thrilled that I can go back to my original plan!  A few days delay doesn't bother me too much.

I felt a little awkward, as I always do, whipping out my camera to take pictures today.  But Juliana sure didn't!  She is a blogger in the making!  She saw this display, below, and said, "That's a beautiful tea set Mom!  You should take a picture!"

I also saw a rug I like.  Maybe one day!

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  1. That is a gorgeous kitchen Joanna, I agree. The only thing missing is the window above the sink that overlooks a vast backyard with large climbable trees. :)

  2. I know how you feel about taking the camera out in public places. I always feel a bit like a stalker.

    Love, love, love that sink. Wish I had room for it - my kitchen only has room for a single sink sadly. I would have to give up my dishwasher to make it work AND THAT'S NOT HAPPENING!

  3. That sink is cooler than ``the other side of the pillow``, lol!


  4. How much do I miss double-basin sinks? I agree - that's a lovely kitchen to dream about. ;)

  5. Farmhouse sinks are always great. And those glass cabinet doors...and under cabinet love love.

  6. Great kitchen! I love that little bar thing (I am sure that is its official name) with the plant/herbs fresh!

  7. I love Ikea ideas! My kitchen has the original metal cabinets and farmhouse sink. I love the sink, but am ready for an update on the old cabinets! The drawers at Ikea always glide open -- to me THAT would made for a dream kitchen. :)

  8. Ahhhhhhhhhh IKEA. My boyfriend. I love the rooms too, my son and I play "Would you live there?" when we make the trek.

    Happy your bracket issue is working out, discontinuations are a pain :)

  9. I too am in complete agreement on the beautiful kitchen- there's something so clean feeling about a white kitchen- I wish we had an IKEA around Albany!

  10. That kitchen is gorgeous. Ikea has won me over with their kitchens...

  11. I love those honed marble blocks! What fun. And who doesn't love IKEA! I have looked at that sink many times myself.


  12. That countertop is the THING! What kind of rock is that? Is that real granite? That kitchen is one of the best I’ve ever seen. The lighting fixtures are amazing too! How was it like being in there?

    1. Chase, thanks for visiting! I believe it is real granite. I just loved being in that kitchen. The kids and I hung out for about 15 minutes until someone else came to look at it. When I saw them I was torn between feelings of, "Isn't this the perfect kitchen?" and "What are you doing in my kitchen!"


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