Thursday, 9 February 2012

Happy Music

Abbie of Five Days...5 Ways is sharing her favourite music for her "5 Things Thursday".  That is something I haven't really thought of recently.  But I thought I'd list some of my favourite songs that come to mind.

1. Summertime (any version, but my favourite is sung by Theresa Sokyrka).  At my birthday party, my dear friend Heidi requested this song at the fancy restraunt we went to...I'd never had anyone request a song for me before!

2. Sinkin' Soon (Norah Jones).  This song is just fun to sing!  I think Norah's political songs are hilarious.

3. Mario Takes a Walk (Jesse Cook...the whole album actually).  This is my dancing music.  I put it on when I'm housecleaning or just in the mood to move.  Not that I'm housecleaning often, as my husband could attest!

4. Moonlight Sonata (Beethovan).  I was raised on classical music.  We had a story on CD called "Beethovan lives upstairs" that made me love it.  I hear the thunderclaps whenever I listen to Moonlight Sonata.  When I was taking piano lessons I began to learn to play this song.

5. Someone Like You (Adele).  Such a sad song, but beautiful.  Kevin likes to sing it in an awful voice just to bug me.

What are your favourite songs?

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  1. Nice mix of songs, Joanna. I love "Someone Like You" too - so sad, yet hopeful at the same time.
    "Summertime" is also amazing. Did you ever see Fantasia Barino (American Idol) sing it - truly outstanding version.

    1. I'll have to listen to Fantasia's version. I love that song in ever version I've heard!


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