Monday, 20 February 2012

A Little More About Those Shelves

If you've been keeping up on Facebook or this post, you would have read about my drama about the brackets for these shelves.

Plan A: I chose curvy white brackets from the 2012 Ikea catalog, and planned to go buy them and build these shelves once the basement was cleaned up.  I had measured the cedar planks I planned to use for shelving, and it was going to fit beautifully.

So when I finally got to Ikea, I was devastated! (pardon the hyperbole...I love hyperbole)  The brackets I wanted were discontinuted!  And they weren't going to get any more in.  So I chose some different brackets and bought two to bring home and make sure they were going to work.

Plan B: Paint the second-choice brackets and proceed as usual.  After the initial disappointment, I was ok with this.  The substitute brackets were going to look just fine, even if they weren't quite as pretty, and needed to be painted.  And as I read in a post today, "Don't limit yourself to Plan A."

I was so thrilled when I found out that I could go back to Plan A!

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  1. I love the brackets! I think plan B is perfect! Wonderful inspiration.


  2. Plan A or Plan B, they work. Is it just the photo, or did you paint just the front half of the shelves? And if so, can you share your idea behind it? I find them very intriguing (in a good way) :-)

    1. I found two cedar shelves next to the dumpster at our old townhouse. They had been made to go over the windows, and the brackets held dowels for curtain rods. Before Juli was born, I painted one of the shelves with white primer and hung it up in her nursery. The other one never got painted. For these shelves, I cut them each into three pieces. So each shelf is made of two planks, one white, and one raw cedar. They will all eventually be painted white to match the brackets.

  3. It just seems so typical -- to have to go to Plan B. :) I guess flexibility is the key.


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