Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Olive Green and Baby Blue: Frog Baby Shower Decorations

Last nights baby shower was great!  Baby T is adorable at one month old, and his mama is gorgeous!  No one would believe she just had a baby.  Her requested theme was "frogs" and the colours were olive green and baby blue.  I was surprised to find that those colours were both hard to find!  Maybe it's just the time of year, or maybe Edmonton's party and paper scene hasn't caught up to design trends yet.

So we made do with the greens and blues we could find, and mixed in some neutrals.  My centrepieces were suspended from the ceiling, so it was pretty hard to get decent pictures of them.  The five tables at the back had faux piñatas in blues (water), greens (grass), and brown (mud).  The front four tables had cloud mobiles.  I made the clouds from felt, and suspended them from pieces of driftwood.  Special thanks to the baby's Aunty Shauna for helping with those!

The tables were sprinkled with some multi-coloured tissue confetti and origami frogs made by my wonderful friend Sherisse (my spring tea party co-host).

Baby T's growing collection of frog stuffies adorned some of the tables and looked right at home under the felt clouds.  I loved his mama's idea to include frog candies on the tables too!

You can kind of see in the left of this picture below the reeds and cattails in a vase.  There were four of those.  Three on the food table (which was set up out in the hallway and I forgot to get a picture of it), and one on the drink table.  They served green punch which totally amazed my four-year-old and her friend.

The gift table and food table had runners of olive green organza (bought from Jysk, and there was just enough!).  I then sprinkled the confetti and frogs along it.

The piñata were made from dollar store beach balls, packing tape, and tissue paper.  I also made signs (to direct guests to the room, and to label the coffee) and food labels, but I forgot to get pictures of those.  I used some vintage graphics courtesy of the Graphics Fairy: Frog, Dragonfly, and Arrow.

I was really worried that all my random ideas pulled from Pinterest wouldn't look cohesive when I put them all together, but it worked out!  My decor was even complimented by a woman who runs a wedding/event decorating company!

And to totally change the subject, here is where we spent the weekend:

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  1. Such a cute idea!!! Looks great!

  2. Awesome job Joanna- I really loved the hanging pinatas with the confetti sprinkled underneatb. You are REALLY good at this! You could totally be a party/decor planner.

    1. Thanks Heidi! I was pretty excited what a REAL party decorator (Mrs. Bartel) complimented the decor!

  3. The shower was gorgeously decorated!!! You never fail to impress me. The photos do not do it justice! With the green punch and the reeds and grass, I really felt like I was in a cute little swamp with frogs ;) I used to have a thing for frogs, so I love the theme. It was adorable!!

    1. Thanks Jenn! I'm glad all my ideas came together...I was worried!

  4. Beautiful job! I love the hanging decor...they look fantastic! :)I saw your post on the House of Hepworths link party and am your newest linky follower. Megan

  5. It was a beautiful shower! I loved those little clouds. And the candy frogs were a good touch and I'm glad it was a meal off for me (wink wink). Nice job having Mrs. Bartel compliment you!

  6. O that really cute and that little frog is the main attraction.I like those table decoration.
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