Thursday, 2 February 2012

Pretty Purple Tulips

I've never bought purple tulips before!  Usually I buy white or yellow.  Or red.  Sometimes pink.  But this time, Juliana wanted purple (to match her violet bedroom!), and I agreed.  I'm quite glad I did!  They look lovely in my new/old white pitcher.

PS: To a Pretty Life now has a facebook page and an advertise page...check it out and spread the word!


  1. Those are pretty! What do you use for editing your pictures? I've been thinking I should add a watermark to mine when I post them. I've been having fun with Picnik lately, but apparently it's going away soon.

    1. I use Picasa to edit my pictures. I think it's related to Picnik, so I hope it won't be going away too! I just ad a text watermark in my current favourite font. I use either black or white text, depending on the colour I'm putting it on, then make it transparent to whatever level looks best.

  2. They are beautiful, Jo; love how they fade to white in their centres!


  3. They really do look pretty in your old pitcher, it's a gorgeous pitcher. I love the purple color of the tulips.
    Hugs, Cindy

  4. Love the shot of colour that tulips bring to any room at this time of year. The purple against the white ceramic of the pitcher is beautiful. I'm sure Juliana loves them.

  5. Oh, I love tulips. Beautiful shots! Thank you so much for posting my Etsy shop in the sidebar! I really appreciate it!


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