Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Reality of My Living Room

This is my living room (and my purple-painted toenails).  I didn't tidy, or compose the shot, or fix the off-centre curtains or the little trunk that Nick had just pushed out of place.  I was playing with the settings on the camera while reading the manual.  That's not margarine on the's Juli's beads

A year ago I painted the walls a neutral tan/grey called Packing Nut (General Paint).  Not the most romantic of paint names, but it's a great colour!  I still love it.  It's so much better than the chipped and stained banana-yellow we had before.  Shortly before that I made the curtains.  The sheers (on the same rod) are a later addition, because people like to look in our windows when they walk by and it's a little unnerving...although I do the same thing!

I'd love to get different curtains, but I went with the $2 per metre fabric so I'm stuck with it for now.  And it doesn't look bad.  The recliner: Not My Style!  If there was anywhere else to put it, it would be gone!  It will probably end up in the basement.   I want to get a couple of wing back chairs, using one for the computer chair.

The gate-leg table in the corner that we use for a desk doesn't quite work where it is.  When it starts to bother me too much I'll move the furniture around yet again.

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  1. Diggin your pedicure!! That's life - when not perfectly styled for blog pics, most of our homes are in complete disarray!! Your son is adorable!!

  2. Love how you went from a "no life" living room photo to a "full of life" living room photo!! It makes me stop...and think....
    Sometimes I wish my house would stay clean. The ONLY way that that would happen is if I lived all by myself (and in all honesty, it probably wouldn't even be clean then!), and that's definitely NOT what I want my life to be like, so I am thankful for the people who live in our home, and I TRY to be thankful for the mess that comes with them.

  3. A friend of mine recently commented that my blog reflected a "white washed life" and I think we tend to do that as bloggers - only show the best of the best. A good shot of reality is wonderful every once in a while.

    Lovin' the "imperfect" curtains - the make do at $2/yard. Isn't that what life is?

    And with a cute kid and a wonderful husband, who needs anything else!!

    1. I don't see anything wrong with only showing the best of your life on your blog. I read blogs partly because I can't afford to buy that many magazines! I love the real achievable beauty that people fact, I like blogs better than most designer-filled magazines!


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