Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Writer and the Rebel

Look what I found in the mail box yesterday!  That's my name!  In a magazine!  It's pretty amazing to see that, especially when there's a cheque tucked between the pages too!  My first "writing income"!  Of course, now I've used up all my expertise in one go, and have nothing else to write articles about.

Yesterday also found us making a quick trip to Costco.  I've had several water bottles that I've liked, but always had issues with them. (I need to keep up with my three litres of water even when I'm on the go!)  I bought the popular set of three Contigo water bottles from Costco.  But every one else has the same ones!  So I decided to switch them up.  There's no rule that says you have to keep the matching lids, right?  And voila!  I have two water bottles in my favourite colour combination!  Turquoise and Olive!  Now I have an extra pink one that I'm not going to use...

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  1. Congratulations.....writing is awesome....but writing and getting paid is off-the-charts-awesome! You are a rock star.


  2. I have yet to get paid for any of my writing, so good for you! That definitely counts as extremely awesome...:)

  3. It is definitely a great feeling to see your name in print - and get paid to boot! congrats

  4. Getting paid for something that you LOVE to do is awesome. I remember walking on air for weeks when I was first published.



  5. Congratulations on the article! :) You'll find more to write about... or somewhere else to get that article reprinted. :)

    My hubby got the Contigo coffee cups for Christmas. Smaller size, same non-spill idea. It's been great, because he takes his cup everywhere and we've had a few spills in the past. :)


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