Monday, 26 March 2012

A Creative Legacy

Once upon a time, there lived a woman named Elizabeth.  Elizabeth was a very creative woman, and had books and magazines about all kinds of crafts!  She made doll furniture out of tin cans, crocheted and knitted, among other things.  Her granddaughter, Signe, loved to visit her and see what new creative thing Grandma Elizabeth was up to.

When Signe grew up, she had her finger in every creative pie there was!  Professionally a sign painter (inspired by her house painter father perhaps), she was also a talented seamstress, wedding cake decorator, painter...etcetera!  She made adorable matching clothing for her four children and inspired in them a passion to create beautiful things.

Signe's daughter Joanna grew up hand-sewing barbie clothes, and drawing, writing, and creating all the time.  When she married and moved out, one of the biggest changes that shocked her was not having access to craft supplies!  If she wanted to make something, she had to go out to buy the materials!  Over the years, she developed her own craft stash and indulged her creative side.

Eventually, Joanna also passed down the legacy of creativity to her children.  She sewed clothes for them, made crafts with and for them, and shared her fancy papers.

Now Juliana is beginning to carry on the creative tradition.  Her favourite thing to do is  "cutting and gluing and taping."  She made this picture below for her Grandma Signe.

And if she wants a particular toy, like a baby bottle for her doll, she will just make one.

Juliana's Christmas Dress
Nick's baby overalls

Juliana sometimes asks me to do her "cutting and gluing" with her.  This particular day, I made something for each kid.  Juliana's was a book mark using a giant ice cream cone picture cut from a magazine, and a paper doll.  Nicks was this card.  He drove his cars on the road and tracks for days until the card got lost.  It's all made of paper or felt.

This is a book I want to read on this topic.  Nurturing Creativity is written by Renee Tougas, a homeschooling mom.   Once my collection of books to read gets a little smaller, I may buy this ebook.


  1. You are truly one of the most creative people in blogland. Isn't it nice to know that you are passing that on to your children just like your mother did and her mother before that.

    1. Thanks Heather! It has been so much fun to watch Juliana's creativity develop. Right now she's drawing, colouring, and cutting out easter eggs because she wants to pretend today is the first day of easter. I think Nick's creativity will show itself in music, which we also inherited from my mom!

  2. It is so incredibly important to pass down knowledge and art in a purposeful way! I was fortunate enough to grow up in a house where leaving each morning for school as a different character was appreciated for its creativity... "How are you today, Princess Leanne?"... "Do you have your lunch, my little farmer?"... "Well, I love your hair teased that way, Rocker girl". It taught me a lot about being fearless in the world.

  3. That's a cool story. I like the matching outfits! Juliana's Christmas dress is also gorgeous. Maybe next year I'll get around to sewing my girls new Christmas dresses... last year, Lilibet still fit the dress that I'd made for Sunshine when she was one. :)

  4. Joanna, you are a wonderful mom. I love your creativity and the way you allow your children to creatively express themselves. You teach me a lot. ( were a real cutie!!)


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