Friday, 2 March 2012

Friday's Favourites of the Week {#3}

Happy Friday!  I've renamed my fledgling blog party from "Favourite Posts of the Week" to "Friday's Favourites".  It's easier to say/type, and it lets me cover more things than just blog posts!  I hope you enjoy a few of my favourite things from the past week, then link up your own!

Abbie from Five Days...5 Ways recently completed an absolutely gorgeous makeover of her washer and dryer.  I love the polka-dots!  I need to see about convincing Kevin to drywall our laundry/office area (now that I've cleaned out my junk!).  I want some pretty! (and some shelves would be nice.)

I just discovered this book for sale at ModCloth.  This "tongue-in-cheek" book "outlines the many 'don'ts' of unladylike behavior, including how not to dress for formal events, what to avoid doing as a party hostess, and the worst way to approach airplane travel."  It looks like it would be a fun book to read!  If I ever get through my ever-growing pile of unread or half-read books.


The always-inspiring Nester wrote a post this week about introducing a new colour to your home.  Pink has been finding its way into her home, and I have a feeling yellow will be making it's way back into mine.  But NOT on the walls!


I'd love to see what you've been posting about this week, or anything you consider a current favourite!  Link away!

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  1. I would never have thought of painting my washer or dryer! Right now, my laundry room is a closet and I'd love someday to have a real laundry ROOM. Good luck with making over yours! :)

  2. I think I misunderstood your linky... :) I linked to my "favourite post" of the week and then read the Spring Projects post and realized you had a different theme. I'll try to participate properly next time! And someday I'll try hosting a linky myself... I haven't gotten that brave yet! :)

    1. Oh, I mean anything favourite! Your favourite post on your blog, or anything else! Or both!

  3. I haven't checked out Nester in AGES...I must go see what she's up to these days, besides adding pink. It's cute though.


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