Sunday, 11 March 2012

Gardenias and Spindles

Before Christmas, I bought these curvy white spindle bookends for Kevin's aunt.  I loved them and wished I could keep them.  While I was at Indigo (three times in one week!), I fell in love with a candle.  It was gardenia-scented, and in a pretty mercury glass container.  Normally, I dislike strong floral scents, usually going for spice-scented candles.

Of course I bought neither.  I'm not one to buy things for myself right before Christmas (unlike my husband!).  And I couldn't pay $30 for a candle...I'm way too cheap!  I love scented candles, but they never have enough scent (probably because I'm too cheap to buy good ones).

Then last week I discovered that both items were 50% off online!  So I treated myself (I had to get both for the free shipping, right?)

Now that I look at these pictures I'm a little worried the books will topple the book ends.  I may have to do something about that.  These daytime pictures turned out really nicely, if I do say so!  I didn't have to do any fill light correcting.  Just crop and watermark!  I'll have to keep in mind that corner is a good one for pictures.

I particularly love how the candle glows at night through the holes in the silver on the glass.

Perfectly lovely!

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  1. Very nice Joanna! You could easily put a white base on those bookends if you are concerned about them tipping. You could probably even buy a piece of wood at the dollar store with the routed edges, meant for a plaque, that would work. (although it would be hard to get the same finish)

  2. Love the organic quality to the bookends- and that candle is very beautiful- quite unique!

  3. You are taking GREAT photos these days!! I love the third one. Your books look so "crisp". The book ends are lovely, as is that candle. Very nice.


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