Thursday, 29 March 2012

Happily Distressed

I wish y'all could come to my house and feel the smooth finish on this chair!  I rubbed on some Antiquax after smoothing out the distressed bits with fine-grain sandpaper.  I love it!  It looks great in my kitchen.

This picture below has three different white wood finishes:  On top, the souvenir spoons are on a crackle-finished tray.  The chalkboard frame has Rustoleum Heirloom White spray paint, and the chair has a handpainted, mouse-distressed and waxed finish.

I think I'll tackle one of the aqua chairs next.  It's pretty much exactly the same colour as the kitchen walls.  I wonder how the next one will turn out?

The DIY Dreamer


  1. So pretty. I have a white chair that was one of the few things left behind by the old owner of our house. It's been naturally distressed and I kind of love it. If I ever refinish it, I know I'm going to keep the distressed look.

  2. Beautiful! I have a kitchen chair I tried this with, but it didn't turn out as cute. I used a hand sander, though. Maybe I should try it again with fine grit sandpaper. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful!!!
    I just posted a chair makeover with a similar finish!
    But I love the way you paint! funny how each person has a different "touch"!
    I love your tray with the keys, and your chalkboard, too!

  4. I'm loving the chair - you've inspired me to finally tackle a dark wood chair that sits in one of the bedrooms - all gloomy with it's leather seat.

  5. Oh that chair turned out so cute! it looks great!

  6. Joanna,

    Thank you so much for linking up to our party! This chair is absolutely adorable! Perfect amount of distressing.


  7. Love the chair - and that souvenir spoons are fabulous too!

    So glad you linked to our Cinch party.

  8. That chair is awesome...the perfect finish. Thanks so much for sharing this too! Karah

  9. I love this chair that you re-did Jo! I don't know how I missed it before. It has the perfect amount of distressing and it looks very "authentic" like it received a lot of use over the years. I am wondering where you picked up the Antiquax wax. I am looking for a nice wax for my furniture pieces but I don't want anything too stinky because me and chemical smells don't do too good together. Does this stuff smell and where were you able to find it if you don't mind sharing? :)
    Thanks Jo.

    1. Hi Carrie! Thanks for your comments about the chair! I found the wax at Home Depot after it was recommended on several blogs a few years ago. It does have a smell, but I don't think it's particularly strong or chemical-like. I'm actually trying to find a softer wax to try next, more like the Annie Sloan one. Good luck finding a wax that will work for you!

    2. I just looked at Home Depot for furniture wax, and couldn't find the Antiquax. So I must have gotten it at Rona. HD didn't have any other brands either.


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