Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Little Doctor...and a Project Fail!

My little girl is so sweet!  I got a needle in the arm yesterday for vacation vaccinations, and my whole arm has been ridiculously sore...or at least I've been complaining a lot.  So Juli wanted to take care of me.  She gave me her "a touch of Jesus heals" craft that she made today ("I think I should give this to you every time you are sick, Mom.") drew me a list of instructions for what I can and can't do.

  1. "This means you can't go outside on windy days because the wind will try and move your arm."
  2. "This is something you have to do: sleep."
  3. "This means you can't set the table. But don't worry, I will do it."
  4. "And you should not move your arm."
Juli said she's practising for when she can be a real doctor.  All evening, she was asking how she could help me, and telling me not to do the dishes because she would do them.  I love that girl!


 Moving on to the project fail.  Over Christmas, we got a lot of adorable pictures from our friends and family.  I love photo cards!  And they were all on the front of our fridge.

The other day I got a little fed up with the messy look though, so  I took them all off.  I had a Brilliant Idea!  Stashed away in the basement I had a small clipboard, and some leftover craft magnets (one of which was used to make this bottle cap magnet, which I love!  I found the cap among Kevin's pile of pocket paraphernalia one day).

So I hot glued the magnets on the back of the clipboard, and clipped the pictures on.  I figured I'd spray paint it or add pretty paper another day.  I even used four of the nickel-sized magnets, thinking overkill was good.  See, it's great!

Then I put it on the fridge.

I will either scrap the idea, or go buy some super magnets one day.  Or maybe just hot glue the clipboard right to the fridge.

What do you do with your photos and cards?


  1. That's so cute Juli was taking care of you! My girls did the same for me when I was sick - they got out their doctor kit and took turns listening to my heart or putting the blood pressure cuff on my wrist. :)

    As for pictures... I don't have an answer. I arrange them on my fridge around Christmas, leave them there for a month, and then take most of them down (especially the really Christmasy ones). Sometimes I put them in our family photo album, sometimes I just toss them.

  2. That's SO cute of Juli!! She'd make a great doctor...I would be a nurse for her any day! :)

    I've been meaning to try the bottle cap magnet idea, but I haven't gotten around to it. So far my pictures have been sitting on the computer, but I'm trying to work on a "Zachary's first year" digital scrapbook for Zach. Can't wait for the results!

  3. Haha! I couldn't help but laugh at the picture of the clipboard on the ground, that just sounds like something that would happen to me after having a great idea. But that really is a great idea :) I'm sure stronger magnets would do the trick! You could also try command strips, I know my mom used those to attach a framed chalkboard to our fridge and it has held up really well!


  4. I love your doctor daughter! That's so sweet! I hope you're feeling better too! As for pictures, I usually save a few special ones and sometimes put them in frames. I have a friend who hates her fridge color so she leaves her cards taped up all year long! :)

  5. Hi Jo - Hope your arm is feeling better after all the TLC - does she play hairdresser too? My kids used to love doing their dad's hair - he'd sit on the floor in front of them and let them play with it for hours (of course the men's hairstyles were longer back in the 80's).

    As far as the clipboard idea - brilliant - just need heavier magnets. I keep the pictures from Christmas cards with the cards in a box labelled with the year. One day someone will want to go through them and relive the memories

  6. LOVE Juliana's artwork, her creativity, and her care and concern.

    Any pictures that are given to us by friends and family, I put on the fridge for a little while, and then I tape on the inside of my cupboards. They are still somewhere that I can see them. Otherwise I would probably stash them away and forget about them. It's something my mom used to do.


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