Thursday, 29 March 2012

Lovely Laundry

The other day I caught up with the laundry.  It was great!  Although I now have a load or two to do's never ending!  Unfortunately, my stash of homemade laundry soap was ending.  So I sat down to make another batch.  I used the easy recipe I found on Lemonade Makin' Mama's blog.

The three simple ingredients are: 
1/2 cup borax
1/2 cup washing soda
1 bar of ivory soap (grated)

My jar fits four batches, although this time I only made three so it's easier to mix.  The different shades of white look so pretty in the jar...although they're not very useful until they're mixed.

To quote my 2-year-old: "Dea. All bettah."  Just one tablespoon of the stuff does one large load of laundry.  

Perhaps you'd like to know why I make my own laundry soap?  It's simple: I'm cheap.  I hated spending so much on something that is used up so quickly.  And I couldn't buy the huge container of Tide at Costco because it gives Nick a rash.  So I was stuck buying the tiny bottles of dye-and-scent-free soap at the grocery store.  As an extra bonus, a glass jar of white powder soap looks much better than a bottle of commercial liquid.  I've always hated commercial powder laundry soap (the smell and the feel).

Plus, I love the scent if Ivory soap.  It reminds me of having a bath at Nanny and Papa's house when I was about five years old and we visited for Easter.  Nanny used to very vigorously scrub my hair with shampoo.  Maybe that's why all her kids have such thick hair.

Edited to add: If you're wondering about using this soap in your front-loading high-efficiency washing machine, You can find some info here to help make your decision.


  1. Cool. I've been seeing this all over the internet and think I just might have to take the plunge and make some. I hate spending so much money on detergent. Does it wash up nice? Stains?

    Has a recipe for a liquid version, plus several other options from her readers.
    I make the same recipe as you Joanna, but I use Sunlight bars instead, because I find it easier on our skin and less aromatic. (I have to watch the amount of scented stuff on my skin, and Sunlight doesn't seem to bother it)

  3. I've heard of making laundry soap, though I'm still curious if it's really cheaper. Are Borax, soda and Ivory soap that much cheaper than Tide? Right now, I'm using a Laundry Ball that I found at a women's show. It has minerals inside that clean your clothes, so you don't have to add soap or anything to the laundry. I'm super lazy with laundry - I just dump it in and turn it on! (Which reminds me... I also have a load to fold...)

  4. Joanna,
    Do you have a front load or a top load washer? I have a HE front load washer and always make sure I get the HE detergent so that I can get the longest life and best efficiency out of my washer. Do you know if this blend works on HE washers?

  5. What a great idea! Thanks for the recipe. Do you think you could use it in a high efficiency washer?


  6. Well I guess I am the third person wondering if it will work in an HE washer...I also would like to use that as the laundry soaps at any grocery store is way overpriced. Looking forward to your answer if you know it that is...:)

  7. I never thought about making washing powder... I do about 3-5 loads per DAY!
    There is something so homely about the smell of fresh laundry, don't you think?

    Great recipe, I wonder if I could buy those ingredients in the UK? Maybe it's just the packaging that looks unfamiliar.

  8. i have yet to try this recipe though i've heard a few friends use it too! i am waiting for a recipe for toilet paper! lol that's what I hate spending money on. what a....WASTE! :o)

  9. Great idea - thanks for the info on high efficiency washers. Am going to give it a try.

    Another fab Cinch idea.

  10. This is so great, I'm cheap too, and appreciate you sharing the recipe. I'm pinning it.


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