Thursday, 29 March 2012

More about Laundry

A couple of people have asked me whether the homemade laundry soap recipe I posted can be used in high efficiency front-loading washers.

I have a regular-nothing-special top loader, so I really had no idea!  But I thought I'd google it for those wondering.

ehow says yes with the exact same recipe.

Mary of Everyday Cheapskate says yes.

Exconsumer says maybe in the comments, although she hasn't tried it herself.  This post has a good price rundown, as well as a liquid detergent recipe.

don'tbuyit says yes in the comments, in hot or warm water.

If I had a high efficiency washer, I'd try it.  But I'm not telling you to try it...


  1. Someone had contacted the manufacturer of an HE washer and their reason for saying no was that there is too much residue left after the cycle and could possibly affect the machine in the long run. I personally am going to try it, just as soon as I make some soap :) Thanks for the recipe Joanna!

  2. when you try it Chelsea let us know how it worked, was it to sudsy, how did your clothes feel when they came out of the washer, just a few questions...:)

  3. If the only concern is residue, I'm guessing that an occasional vinegar rinse (or something similar) in the washer might deal with that. (I don't have a front loader either)


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