Thursday, 8 March 2012

My Current Design Style

Ok, maybe it's a little pretensious to do a whole questionnaire about my design style.  But I wanted to keep track of what I like at the moment, and a blog post is more fun than a piece of paper.   And it is only a little questionaire.

Favourite House Style: 1.5 story Farmhouse.  I love the slanted ceilings upstairs, and details like battered wood flooring, porches, and big kitchens.

Favourite Interior Styles: Cottage, Vintage, Farmhouse, with a little bit of Industrial.

Favourite Decorating Colours: White, Turquoise, Green, Neutrals (I'm starting to really like Blue too, especially navy).

My Design Nemisis:  Lamps and rugs!  I have no idea how to chose them or where to put them or what size/colour they should be.

Your turn!


  1. We have lamps all over the living room... most of the places we've lived haven't had main living room lights, so we have to use lamps. We plug them into switched plugs so we can still just turn them on with a flick of one switch. As long as the kids can't play on them, I don't mind them. As for rugs, we have a big lovely floor rug in our den, but it's black and shows ALL the dirt so it needs a good vacuum and mine is broke. Otherwise, I love it. :)

  2. Hi Joanna,
    I think your design style sounds very much like mine, except I don't have that large farmhouse, just a little one that tries to be big on style.
    No upstairs, unfortunately, but there is a downstairs.
    Have a lovely weekend, Cindy

  3. Almost think I might need to do a posting about this myself. But, here goes:

    1) Traditional Georgian (central hall plan)
    2) English Country
    3) Neutrals, earth tones = although I'm loving my turquoise bathroom
    4) window coverings - can't justify spending $$$$$ on them, but want the look that custom gives.

    1. Heather, have you posted about your turquoise bathroom? I'm going to have to go look on your blog! Turquoise and I are soul mates!


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