Saturday, 3 March 2012

Organisation Makes Me Smile!

We have a little inconvenient and chilly cabinet above the stove.  It's chilly because the vent for the stove keeps getting stuck in the open position.  It's inconvenient because it's kind of high, and kind of awkward, and of course we can't put any dishes or food up there because of that gross greasy dust that collects above the oven.

So this cabinet was bothering me.  It was a mess and I was a little concerned a pair of scissors would fall on my head as I rummaged around looking for stuff.  To solve the problem, I pulled out my scrapbook paper and mod podged it in place with some white glue.

I had a pack of miscellaneous hooks from the Ikea As-Is section so I found some that worked for what I needed.  And got rid of the empty straw box and other junk that had accumulated.  Now, it makes me smile!

 And no wonder!  This is what it looked like before!

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  1. I love mod podge! I would never had thought to use it for something like this but it turned out really well

  2. still trying to finish my mod podge dining table--hoping to get ready to seal it by tonight, if i can shake this migraine...but, i totally agree with you about having organization be attractive, and making sure that there is more than mere function for pieces. i am continuing to purge and purge, but won't replace things unless it is what i really want and need. i don't have enough time to expend on things that might work--not anymore--life gets too crazy, and honestly, who has time for the insanity of disorganized life?

  3. I think we all have a cabinet or a drawer like this one. Nothing like the sense of accomplishment this type of task is complete. Nice way to spend a cold Sunday.

  4. I love it Joanna. Your organization makes me smile too.

  5. That is so cute. The paper sure makes it look better. I love how you hung up the scissors. It looks great.


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