Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Truly Victorianish (A House)

My brother in law, who wants to live in an acreage as much as I do (too bad we have such sensible spouses when it comes to money!), found this property on MLS and sent it to me.  If it were up to us, we just might fight over this house!  Providing of course we could afford the $1,100,000 price tag.

This home is only 19 years old, but in spite of that, I love it!  The exterior isn't pink stucco like many of the homes built in 1993 around here.  It actually does look almost Victorian (a little gingerbread would finish off that look).  But why do I say it's truly Victorian?

Well, most houses built in the last 20 years or so are open concept which everyone loves.  Except me and my friend Sherisse.  This house, however, has a layout that is more enclosed and homey.  It's not quite as closed in as a real Victorian would be, but it still has that old-house feel with the layout it has.

Also, I love it when you can tell the layout of a house from the real estate listing pictures.  For this house, you walk in the front door, and the living room is to your right:

You walk through the living room and get to the dining room:

The dining room links to the gorgeous country kitchen:

Which is open to the homey and cozy family room, with a wood-burning fireplace:

But what I want to know is what is on the other side of the family room?  A den?  An office?  A bedroom? A secret laboratory?  All I can tell from the pictures is that it has a lovely bay window at the front of the house.

This lovely-though-modern home sits on over 39 acres in one of the prettiest counties in the immediate area. I love looking at pretty homes.  Good thing I'm content with my little duplex...most of the time anyway.

(MLS #E3292592.  All photos are from the realtor's website The Clark Group.  No relation.)

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  1. I'm with you and Sherisse. I like to be able to walk from room to room in a house. (not down the hall, as it is in my current house) I find too many of the new floor plans look and feel like my apartments from days back (many days ;)) because you can stand in the middle and turn and see all rooms. I won't even get into the crazy kitchen layouts that don't allow you to put a cookie sheet down, or roll out pie dough.
    That place is gorgeous! Too bad it is SO pricey.

  2. Ah to dream of big beautiful houses - just imagine all the lawn to cut though.

  3. Okay, I officially love the furniture in that front room! It matches the house perfectly. And built-ins...

    1. My favourite furniture in that house are the two big leather library chairs next to the fireplace. The living room at the front of the house is a little too formal for me (and my two hooligans!) But it is beautiful!

  4. This is an amazing house! I love the yard and that the veranda over looks a pond. It is really hard to find a house that is seperate rooms. We managed to find one and are now going to be building in Sherwood Park. If you get the chance you show go see the show home in Rutherford, the builder is PaceSetter and the plan is called the Gabriel. I think you would really like it.

  5. GORGEOUS!!!! You must have that pocket change lying around somewhere! ;)


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