Wednesday, 21 March 2012


pleated poppy

I've been saving up!  Here are the highlights of my wardrobe choices over the past two or three weeks:

Shirt: Joe Fresh (gift from my sister)
Belt: Ardene's
Boots: Shoe Warehouse
Tights: Roots from Winners
Skirt: Designed by me, made by my mom.  It's made of 8 equal pointed gores that flare at the bottom, and it's lined.
Necklace: Made by me

Jeans and Necklace: H&M
Cami: Smart Set, I think.  Maybe Suzy Shier
Rose Earrings: Vintage from Kevin's grandma
Shirt: Thrift Store.  I think it used to be a dress.  The bottom hem is raw, and I zigzag stitched around it to keep it from fraying.  The buttons keep falling off so I need to do something about that.

Cardigan: Zellers
Brown shirt: Urban Connection
Socks: Costco

This outfit was kind of inspired by one of Lindsey's outfits.  I like the concept, but I think I needed a different shirt to replace the brown one.  And I'm not wearing shoes because this is Canada, yo!  We take our shoes off at the door!  Meaning, I was too lazy to go put my boots back on for the picture.

Cardigan, Skirt, and Leggings: H&M
T-shirt: Old Navy.  I'm glad I only paid $3 for it because it's getting holes already!
Boots: Shoe Connection
Earrings and Necklace: Gift from a friend.  I wore them when I was in her wedding.  I like the bit of bling they give to my grey rainy-day-inspired outfit.  We'd had the first rain of the spring the night before...even though it was still technically winter.  

Happy second day of spring!

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  1. Love the skirt outfit in the bottom photo - you look great!!

  2. Those are cute outfits! I'm not sure I'd want to share what I wear on my blog... :) I like the picture of you sitting on the kitchen cabinet. Do you get Kevin to take pictures or do you use a self-timer? (See my recent post for my self-portrait attempt!)

    And I didn't have to put in word verification this time... THANK YOU!!! :)

    1. Bonnie, thanks for letting me know about the word verification. It was supposed to be turned off all this time.

      I use a 10-second timer and a little tripod. Before I got the tripod, it was pretty much impossible to take full-length pictures of myself because our camera doesn't prop up on end very well! But sometimes Kevin does take the pictures. But I find I get better pictures (lighting or pose-wise anyway) when I do it myself. Kevin isn't very patient with me ;-)


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