Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A Beautiful Home?

I have always viewed my home as unfinished.  Most of the walls are still dingy yellow, I don't like some of my furniture or the colour of my cabinets, etc, etc.  So I've always felt apologetic and embarrassed when friends would come over and say my house looks nice.

Then one night when I had friends over for a girly-fun game night, they commented on my house and I was about to contradict and point out all the flaws.  But then I stopped.  And looked around.  Maybe it was just because my house was actually tidy for once (Thanks to Kevin!), but I actually saw the beauty in the soft turquoise kitchen walls, the diamond pane windows, my furniture arrangement in the living room...

I think a big part of my change of viewpoint happened when I moved the bookshelf from being angled in one awkward corner to the one and only full-height wall that is wider than two feet.  Suddenly, my living room felt grown up!  It felt settled and mature and lovely.

What about you?  Do you apologise because your house is only half-decorated?  I would challenge you to look for the beauty spots in each room.

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  1. sweet, Jo. You're right. There is beauty in each of our homes - but we are surrounded by so much "designer" stuff that we forget that our home home is lovely.

  2. Love this, Joanna. Appreciating the beauty that you CAN see instead of wishing you could see something different. We could all learn from this, in so many ways.

  3. Great comments. I feel like because we're renters, I can't do what I want in our house... our walls HAVE to stay blah white because I can't paint. And because we're students, we have a lot of second-hand or used or cheap furniture. But as you say, there are still beauty points... :)

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    Have a wonderful week!


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