Monday, 30 April 2012

Blooming for my Birthday

On Saturday, the kids and I spent some time together outside in the sunshine for the first time this year.  Usually I just send them out into the back yard while I work inside the house.  This time I had a headache and didn't feel like doing the badly-needed cleaning up.  I figured I could handle resting on the porch while the kids used their sidewalk chalk.  And Juli recently told me she didn't want to play outside because she was pretending to be a grown-up...I need to change that misconception if I want her to get healthy activity!

Once I got outside, I couldn't resist doing a little garden clean up, while wearing my nice jeans and cute red flats.  I sliced my hand a little on my garden clippers, but my clothes survived.

The first thing I saw when I glanced into the flower bed was pretty pink blooms!  Last year (or the year before?) for my birthday, Kevin bought me my favourite shrub, the Double-Flowering Plum.  When I used to take the bus to work, I would always see these bushes covered in beautiful little pink rose-like blooms, and always over my birthday.  So I've wanted one for a while.  It was too late for blooms last year when we got it, so I'm pretty thrilled that it looks like it's going to be covered in pink very soon!  These first blooms are crowded around the very base, almost buried in the dirt.

The rest of the flower bed looks promising too, with tulips and daffodils about to bloom, irises, bachelor's buttons, lady slippers, peonies, and something unknown sprouting, and my favourite surprise of all, my lavender is growing!  I am beyond thrilled about that.  Lavender doesn't really overwinter here, but we had such a mild winter, that I had my fingers crossed.

The other two front yard beds need some help.  This one is a very dry west-facing rock garden.  The lilies did well last year, and I want to plant more snow-in-summer.  I'm not sure if the shrubs will survive.  The diablo ninebark were transplanted out of the front garden bed, and I did a horrible job of replanting them.  One of them will probably make it, but who knows about the other.

This little rose garden will be extended to include the shrubs.  I hate digging up grass though.  But Kevin might help, since he hates weed-whacking between the shrubs.  The one at the back by the fence is a bridal-wreath spirea, but I don't remember what the closer one is (near the stray plastic bag).  I'm going to have fun in the garden this year!

Juli had to bring out her camera too.  Here she is taking pictures of the moon.

I have a question for you garden experts (like Heather): What is this seedling?  I think I planted it, because they're only growing in the area around my tree where I threw some seeds one year.  But I don't remember what all I planted.  I know there were violets and poppies and something else.  Maybe cosmos?  These just look too much like weeds to me, so last year I pulled them all out.  I guess I didn't take a picture of this garden also needs help since we enlarged it last year to acccomodate the weeping caragana that Kevin wanted.

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  1. Oh sure, a quiz. Great. It's definitely not a cosmos, that much I can tell you. I thought it might be a sedum, but no. Perhaps a daisy? Sorry, I guess I'm not that much of an expert afterall. Honestly I have some huge clumps of grasslike leaves growing in my garden and i have no idea what they are either.

    My advice - let them grow a bit more and send me another picture in a week or so. I might be able to tell then. Sorry.


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