Friday, 27 April 2012

A Cluttered Life

Boreas by John William Waterhouse.  My favourite painting.

My life has been far from pretty lately.  My home has reflected my life: cluttered.  I feel like there are so many things I want to do, project-wise and life-wise.  But there are also so many things I have to do instead.  Of course most are self-inflicted, such as commitments I've made that I've just procrastinated too long, or letting my home get so out of control that I don't know where to start and it all just hangs over my head like a gloomy, nagging cloud.

On Wednesday, I just got so fed up with the physical clutter in the kitchen, but didn't have time to really clean it up and put it away.  So I grabbed a laundry basket (or two!) and started tossing stuff in.  If I couldn't put something away right then on the main floor, it went into the basket!

You wouldn't believe how much better that made me feel!  Yes, I still have all the clutter to deal with in the baskets.  But my counters were clear!  I love that and it doesn't happen often.

My mind is still cluttered up with all the things I have to do, and my children are overtired from a few late nights and all the daytime running around.  But at least I made one step toward peace and simplicity.

I have a goal--an unrealistic one perhaps--to one day keep my home clean enough that the mess never gets in the way of the good and beautiful things I'd rather be doing.  I want to get away from simply crisis-cleaning and have a real routine that runs so smoothly that I actually enjoy caring for my house.  In my few spare minutes, I'm rereading Cheryl Mendelson's book Home Comforts.  I'll post more about that another time.


  1. Good luck with that. I can sympathize with the cluttered aspirations part! I feel sometimes like I'm spinning my wheels and need a good kick in the ass to get moving towards my goals and dreams in a constructive way.

  2. I can totally relate! I always feel so much better when my environment is uncluttered; too much visual stimulation drives me nuts. Too bad I'm almost never on top of things, but I feel like I'm getting better all the time... ;-)

  3. I agree 100%! I was thinking about a blog post that said should I blog or should I clean? It is challenging. I have used Flylady before with great success!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

  4. I hear ya! Last night I did some cleaning/decluttering because our neighbours finally came to pick up the two dressers from the girls' room that I've been trying to get rid of for over a month. It allowed me to move the girls' toybin upstairs (so no more toys cluttering my dining room!) and organize their room a bit more. :)

  5. every Friday each of my kids has to show me 10 things they are throwing away from their room...this works!! otherwise the papers, folders, candy wrappers etc...all start to add up!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    good luck!!

  6. My two cents are to do whatever you need to in order to keep your sanity! It's better for everyone that way ;) OH, and my other cent is to make lists!


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