Friday, 4 May 2012

Sideboard/Dresser Colour Brainstorming

This is the dresser that my friend gave me last year.

It currently resides in the kitchen, where I think it will stay, depending on how it works when we get a bigger table (soon!)  I need your help deciding what colour to paint it. (Leanne, Tara, any other experts?)

Option #1: White (or any off-white).  It would match the chairs, which I'm still thinking of painting all-white soon.  The distressed look is getting to me.  Although maybe if I get rid of the crackle-effect on the dresser, I'd like the chairs better.  Distressed is great, but if everything is distressed, then it's too much.

Option #2: Some shade of turquoise.  The kitchen walls are currently aqua, but I am considering painting them the same colour as the living room (grey-tan), or white.  In which case, a deep turquoise like the mudroom wall colour would be lovely.

Option #3: Yellow.  Before I painted the main floor, I thought I was so over yellow.  But in the past few months, I've been craving touches of yellow for my kitchen.  Like a yellow Le Creuset teakettle.  I don't currently have any yellow.

Option #4: Black or dark grey.  Our appliances are black and our countertops are black.  While I think that is way too much black, maybe a dark grey dresser would help balance it out?

Option #5: ??? What do you suggest?

I've been waffling on this decision for a long time...well, ever since I got the dresser!  I need help!  I want the dresser to help give my kitchen a homey farmhouse feel (which has proven quite difficult with those black appliances and faux peachy-wood cabinets that Kevin won't let me paint).  If you want to see some of my kitchen ideals, check out my Kitchen board on Pinterest.


  1. I like the idea of yellow. It's so cheery. When I was young, I always painted my room a bright yellow. I think a yellow sideboard in an aqua room could be really striking. But to tone it down a bit, an off white would be really stunning. Can't wait to see what you choose!

  2. I love the off-white idea with gold trim, classic and elegant. Although yellow is pretty cheery. My vote is with those two. Good luck ;)

  3. Hello my friend - yellow? I like the idea of grounding it with a dark slate or gray - don't distress it, you're right, too much matchy matchy with the chairs (which I love by the way). Or another option is to paint the top black/slate and the bottom white. And paint those cabinets. I had the same pinky oak in my other house - hated them from Day One and always wanted to paint them, but knew I wasn't staying.

    What ever you decide, it will be fabulous. Just like every other project I've seen you do!!!

    Happy Weekend.

  4. Hi Joanna! I`m thinking two-toned. Alot depends on the colour of those cupboards (though I`d paint them.... of course, I paint everything). If you think that yellow won`t clash, I`d go mustard (still sunny, but with more of a farmhouse appeal) and grey (dark or light) or creamy white as the second colour. The body in one colour and drawers/top in the second would be nice. Or the body in one colour, the top and raised area on drawers in the other for some interest.

    If that is a bit too adventurous, medium turquoise is a good go-to. If you head for vintage, bright turquoise and yellow or red are a good combination. And don`t worry too much about choosing. What was once painted can be painted again! -Leanne-


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