Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Polka-Dot Nursing Cover

I had no particular project planned for our four day Easter weekend.  So Saturday morning, I woke up, fed the kids, and browsed the internet ("working" I call it).  I came across the blog see kate sew, and in particular, a tutorial for a ruffled nursing cover.

I've seen my friends use these, and should have used one when I was nursing Nick.  He was squirmy!  And my technique that I used for Juliana (receiving blanket tucked under a bra strap) didn't work for him.  I actually shopped for one, but couldn't bring myself to pay the $50  for the ones I found.

So when I saw this tutorial, I simply had to make it!  Never mind that I don't have nursing kids any more!  I quickly shuffled mentally through my list of friends to see who is nursing and doesn't already have this type of cover.  Once I decided on a recipient, the hard part was over!  The fabric choice was inevitable, since the polka-dot is the only kind of quilting cotton I have (Every time I pull out this fabric to make something, Nick says, "Purse! Mommy's purse!").

This was such an easy project to make!  I had everything I needed except D-rings and boning.  I bought the D-rings, and used plastic zip-ties for the boning, the same as I did for my regency short stays.  I needed 14 inch boning, and my zip ties were only 11 inches, so I hot-glued two together to make the right length.  This also helped to create the curve.  I used four zip ties in total.

And of course I couldn't leave it plain.  So I added a rosette embellishment.  It attaches with a clip.

The nursing cover kind of looks like an apron hanging so prettily on my apron hook.  I may have to use this fabric for a new apron, since I have such a lot of it.



  1. That is very cute! I made one for myself, too, as I also couldn't stand to pay $50 for one. Mine isn't quite as fancy, though. I tried to cut the ring off an ice cream pail to use for the boning and it broke, so I hope your ties last longer. I'm sure your friend will love it!

  2. I've never made one before, but you've inspired me for the next shower I have :-)
    Loved reading about your old play house at your childhood home. Thanks so much for sharing!
    take care,

  3. That looks awesome. I bought one and was disappointed because it hardly covered me and the baby (and we're both little) for my next kid I want to make my own, so that it has enough fabric to cover us up!

  4. Can I just say: you are wonderful!!!!


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