Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Spring Centrepieces: The Design Process

For the past two years, I've been in charge of the table centrepieces for the women's ministry events at our church.  I really enjoy doing them, even though I procrastinate too much and end up stressing myself out!  But this time I've been thinking of this spring event's design since before our Christmas event.

I knew I wanted to use my vintage books.  But I was worried about them walking out the door!  But after talking with the other members of the planning committee, I decided to go ahead with my plan.  I haven't exactly finalised the look, but I'm aiming for vintage, spring, nests, and green.  Don't worry, the Easter eggs won't look plastic when I'm done with them!

The event is on Monday night, so between now and then I have to decoupage some eggs (but not as many as I thought I would need to!), dye some cardstock with coffee (a delicious-smelling project), print and cut out, and a few other things.    So it's going to be a pretty easy task this time around.  Although it will still probably take me at least 2 hours to set it all up on the 26 tables.

Some of the other centrepieces I've done include:
Grass and Butterflies
Apples and Sticks
Gifts and Snow
Flowers and Ribbons (I wasn't happy with these ones, so I didn't take any pictures)
Flowers and Sea Shells
Mason Jars and Candles
Pine and Cranberries (This one was one of my best yet!  But I forgot my camera.  Boo!)
and of course, Frogs and Clouds!


  1. So cute! Let me know if you want some help doing those eggs and/or watching your kids while you set up the tables!

  2. Hey Jo - these look like they will be awesome. I love the magnolia branches!!

    Went through your other centerpiece ideas and "pinned" the seashell one - have a beach themed bridal shower that I'm hosting in January and may "borrow" this idea.


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