Sunday, 1 April 2012

Spring Cookies for Easter

On Saturday I was in a baking mood.  I had woken up with a headache, did nothing all morning, tried to have a nap (too many interruptions from the kids), then decided I was going to bake cookies!  I've been kind of craving lemon cookies, so I searched Pinterest for recipes.

I came across this one over at Two Peas and their Pod (click the link for the full recipe and directions, rather than relying on my messy printing in the picture).  I have to say I love this recipe!  I've been making sugar cookies since I was a kid, but since I grew up I've disliked the rolling, cutting, and decorating parts of the job.  I'd rather have them ready to eat straight from the oven.  I think for me, these cookies are the spring counterpart to my sister's delicious and chewy gingersnaps.

In addition to the Lemon Sugar Cookies, I also made my Easter standby: Mini-Egg Nest Cookies.  The recipe for those is simple: Take your favourite chocolate chip recipe, mix it up but leave out the chocolate chips.  Drop cookie-sized amounts onto a baking sheet, then top with 1 to 3 Cadbury Mini Eggs and bake as usual!  I usually do very small cookies (a teaspoon-sized amount of dough), with only one egg, but this time I decided to make them a bit bigger.  Or you could mix the eggs right into the dough.

Isn't my recipe box cute?  I found it a value village a while ago and had to get it, even though I already had a vintage recipe box.  I love the fingerjointed corners, and the unusual hinges.  The box I had been using before was also wooden and I loved it (still do).  My mom built it at summer camp when she was 12.  Then I refinished it when I was about 15 or so.  But the hinges had pulled out so the lid never stayed on.  And I haven't gotten around to fixing it yet.


  1. Saturday seems to have been a funny day everywhere - we were sluggish and really didn't get started to well into the afternoon. I wasn't nearly as productive as you were though. These cookies look great - hope you all enjoyed them.

  2. The lemon and the egg nest cookies both sound fantastic. I can't be alone with those mini cadbury eggs though. Num numn!

  3. That is a super cute recipe box! My mom had two wooden boxes, and then my brother made her a huge box one year (because she had so many recipes).

  4. The lemon cookies are DELICIOUS! Thanks for sharing! I'm going to try and make some asap! :)

  5. Thanks for sharing the recipe for lemon sugar cookies! I made two batches in two days they were that yummy. Everyone I made them for loved them- I underbaked them ever so slightly so that they almost seemed to melt in your mouth. When I was in the middle of making the dough and grating the lemon zest, my company walked in the house and exclaimed that my kitchen smelled so amazing. So not only does the lemon add the perfect little "ping" to the sugar cookie, it served the duel purpose of making the kitchen smell wonderful.


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