Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Style Copycat, Take Two

I recently acquired a "new" shirt and decided to try for a second time to recreate an outfit (see the inspiration at the end of this post).  The first time I attempted it, it didn't work out.  I'm quite pleased with the result this time.  I would have been wearing cute shiny black ballet flats too, but it's too cold and windy, and my flats don't really fit me well.

Shirt: Dynamite, I think (second hand, thanks Jenn!)
Cardigan: Fylo by Nylon (Zellers...classy, right?)
Belt: Ardene's
Jeans: H&M
Boots: The Shoe Warehouse
Glasses: Nicole Miller (from Clearly Contacts!)
Hair: Slept-on straightener-curls.

Photography courtesy of this little photographer, who decided to cut her hair today simply because it was in her face.  Which is probably my fault because I've been telling her, "If you don't keep your hair out of your face, I'm going to cut it off!"  At least what she did was easily evened out and will grow out ok.  But now my baby girl looks like she's six years old!  Tomorrow she'll be leaving for college!

My inspiration came from this outfit by the talented and stylish Lindsey of The Pleated Poppy


pleated poppy


  1. That looks so cute on you! I also commiserate with the cutting of your little ones little brother (this was eons ago!) cut our neighbour's daughter's hair once when they were playing parents were mortified! But it grows! I told myself just that after my last visit to the salon..."It'll grow back". was too short. What can you do? And they still expect a tip!!! lol! Anyways, I'm glad to have found you on HelloCotton! Now following with Linky and Google too!

  2. I love your style! it's casual, but dressy enough for most environments (shopping, park, coffee time, play date, movie with hubby).

    You're right, your daughter will be off to college before you know it. She does look grown up with her new haircut. So cute.

  3. That's a great outfit. I love the boots! Lol, I think every kid must cut their hair at least once in their life.:)


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