Monday, 14 May 2012

15 Minutes in the Kitchen

When I posted last week about my kitchen beauty spots, I didn't show what the rest of my kitchen looked like.  Today it was quite similar.  I decided to be brave and show you what the kitchen looks like after a weekend (a rather crazy weekend at that):

And here is what it looked like fifteen minutes later:

Honest, it was exactly 15 minutes of cleaning.  I used a timer, a la Flylady.  I've got a sink full of bubbles to take care of the dishes, and the floor will be swept after supper.  Not bad for just 15 minutes!


  1. It doesn't take long once you put your mind to it. I always feel the same way about vacumming - I secretly hate vacumming so delay it for as long as possible. But once I put my mind to it, it really doesn't take that long and it's done in no time.

  2. Amazing, isn't it!?!?! A task can seem so daunting, but when you actually get it, it doesn't take nearly as long as you think it's going to!! You've inspired me. We had guest for supper last night, and after they left I relaxed and went to bed, so my kitchen looks like that. I'm going to go get it done now. AND I'm setting my timer!

  3. Yay! I hate it when my kitchen looks like that, but as you say, just a few minutes can put it to rights quickly. And we've had weekends like that too... my hubby actually did dishes last night which was really nice. :)


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