Saturday, 5 May 2012

A Bowl of Mums

I waited all day for the sun to come in the west-facing living room windows and illuminate this bowl of mums.  After the dinner on Monday, the woman who had decorated the platform gave me two potted mums which were on their last legs.  So I cut off all the flowering stems and put them in this crystal bowl.  I love this bowl but only rarely can I find a use for it.  It was a wedding present from my uncle.

Clouds started gathering in the west in the afternoon, so I thought I wouldn't get my chance to take pictures yesterday.  But after a very brief first-spring-thunderstorm, the sun streamed in!


  1. Lovely! :) I was telling my husband today I wanted to buy some hanging planters, and he reminded me that I love plants to death. ;) More cut flowers is probably the way for me to go!

  2. Beuatiful shot, Jo. And lovely staging with the books and the bird (a common theme between us). Hope your Sunday is terrific. We are off to a studio tour this afternoon. Too busy to post right now. What's up with that? Real life getting in the way of our virtual life.

  3. Hi just came across your blog, its so pretty, gorgeous pics. i'm mum of 2 and make up artist and just getting back to blogging if you get a chance to check it out

    just going to join yours now. greetings from Dublin xnicki


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