Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Kitchen Beauty Spots

My house is a mess, but that is not what is important.  What is important is the two little kids who made the mess.  And in the midst of the chaos, I decided to celebrate what is beautiful in my home.  Today, here are the kitchen's beauty spots.

My beautiful friend Grace made this sign for me.  It used to have a wooden oval hanging from it with a pretty arrangement of sunflowers...but in our last house I hung it on the front door behind the glass of the screen door.  It got way too hot and the glue melted.  I'd come home from work to find bits of the arrangement lying on the threshold, with strings of melted glue hanging down.  So I took it off and decided to enjoy the top part.  Don't mind the command was there for something else, and I haven't yet replaced it with a nail.

Of course my beach sign contributes to the kitchen's lovliness, along with the is view into the living room and stairwell.  I'm not thrilled with the ivy and wicker combination I have going on that shelf.  It's too country...if that even makes sense in my farmhouse-inspired world.  It just looks like the early '90s to me, like it should be accompanied by some ducks with dusty rose bows around their necks.  The ivy will eventually be placed outside, I think.

I still love this display of my grandma's spoons.  The original post about them turns up in search engines a lot.  I guess I'm not the only one who likes the spoons but not the traditional wooden hangers.  (although I have seen pictures of those hangers painted and repurposed as jewellery holders.  It was quite lovely!)

We got this tray for our wedding, nearly 10 years ago.  Since we've never had enough drawers in our kitchens, it's always functioned as a holder for tea towels and dish cloths.  As you can see, it's about time to do laundry, since it's half empty.  I just painted it on Saturday (note to self: do not attempt to spray paint raw wood without does not work well!).


  1. everything is so pretty! i'm especially partial to the white pitchers. LOVE!

  2. beautiful Joanna! I too have quite the spoon collection- but with the traditional wooden holders- yuck! I inherited mine from my grandmother who was an avid collector... I love your style

  3. I like the white pictures lined up on the shelf. I have a similar tray that I use for our place mats. :) I like your idea of focusing on the beauty rather than the mess.

  4. Love the shelf with your pitcher display and am so glad you painted the basket - it's so "new" looking that way. Paint out those wicker baskets and you'll move right out of the 90's.

    I love your style - my kitchen is all dark and dull - can't wait to paint the cabinets and give it some freshness. (not a job that will be done until the fall - won't take time away from my garden).

  5. I absolutely LOVE your blog!!! I found you thru the SITS GIrls Blog Hop and I am happy to be your new follower\ :) Looking forward to your posts... My house is a mess EVERYDAY!!! Crazy how a 2 foot high human being can create so much chaos in a home! Hope you can visit my blog and join as well!
    See you around and looking forward to getting to know you! :)
    S.O.S. Mom

  6. Love that you embrace the mess (or dust bunnies - as I like to say)!

    That spoon collection rocks!


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