Monday, 28 May 2012

Oh, I love my garden!

I made a trip to Rona today (like Home Depot, only Canadian)  I'm looking for tall ornamental grass, but haven't been able to find any that is affordable.  Instead, today I found strawberry plants for 99 cents!  I got a few other perennials too, along with some basil that has me craving margarita pizza.

We've also been looking for an affordable trellis solution.  My choice today was between a lovely arched trellis panel for $39, or bamboo for $1.09 each.  I went with the bamboo and came home with five.  I'll attach thinner pieces horizontally with wire, and use eye hooks (or plain nails) to attach it to the garage.  This is the view of my former veggie garden, turned berry and herb garden.  Kevin built the boardwalk last fall, and I absolutely love it.  It made our backyard look somewhat civilised and looks much better than the worn path through the grass we had before.  Plus, it gives me a whole new garden bed to plant!


  1. Joanna! Looks lovely. And Strawberry plants for .99? Who can go wrong with that? Thanks for sharing. You're always inspiring. :)

    1. Turns out they were $2.49...Rona never has visible/correct prices! But it's still a good deal ;-)

  2. Lovely! I wish we had a garden space. I'd love strawberry plants! I did pick up some lettuce plants on the weekend so I'm going to try doing a small container garden here (if I can keep the deer out of them!).

  3. Hi Jo - I haven't tried strawberries or blueberries in my garden. I did plant some raspberries though. I love walking out to the garden to pick a few berries for my cereal in the morning. Mine are just budding now, so it will be a few weeks before I can actually do that. But in the meantime we can dream about all the beautiful things we're growing.

  4. I have completely given up on plants!! My grass died!!! I think I have the NON-greenest thumb around!! I'll try again when I'm 50, and the kids are all grown.


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