Sunday, 13 May 2012

Roses and Boots

Last night my sister-in-law and I went to a Michael W. Smith concert (thanks to Kevin's aunt!)  It was so much fun to listen to songs we grew up with.  The band was a group called L'Angelus.  They're from Lousiana and they had amazing energy and such a fun sound.

One of the girls was wearing a cute floral dress with cowboy boots. and looked so adorable.  I told Ali I wanted to dress like that!  Once I got home I remembered that my tea party dress might work, so Sunday morning, I put it on to give it a try with my city-girl-cowboy-boots.  I loved the result, even though it was really too warm to wear boots.

I hope y'all had a fantastic Mothers' Day!  I got an adorable hand-print wall-hanging from Juli that made me almost cry, a romantic red rose from Kevin, and lots of hugs and booger-filled kisses from Nick.  Kevin also got me a perfect wicker basket for my bike!

My brother liberated my mom from the hospital for the afternoon, so she got to eat real food and bask in the sun for the first time in two months!  It was so nice to see her out of the hospital.

Special thanks to my beautiful sister Carmen for taking most of these pictures, even if she does think I'm a nerd for my cruiser bike and basket!  Just wait 'til she sees the polka-dot helmet I want to get.

I do have a question for my lovely and loyal (and even brand new) readers: Do you enjoy my writing-related posts?  I'm undecided whether to post them here or at my long-neglected wordpress blog (which currently only functions as my resume).  What do you think? On that note, I've written about 1000 words, and made a great start on plotting that medieval novel since I posted those excepts on Thursday.  I'm feeling pretty accomplished, although I'm not (yet?) as prolific as I'd like to be.

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  1. Lots to comment/answer about in this post - a) loving the dress/boots outfit, I've been seeing that combination a lot this spring and it works so well with that dress. b) the cruiser bike is cool, go for the helmet and hold your head high and c) I really enjoyed the excerpt, I say give it a whirl with more writing - maybe weekly?

    Glad you had a great Mother's Day, you work so hard you deserve to be spoiled and loved.

  2. I enjoy the writing related blog posts a lot. It gives a little change of pace (sort of like the diary-like posts.) I'm a bit biased, of course... ;)

  3. What a cute outfit! The boots do go well with the dress - a nice spring/fall outfit. :) And I like the writing-related posts too, but like Patty, I might be biased. :)

  4. You looked adorable!! And your boots were fine. It's not like you were wearing jeans with them.
    How nice that your mom escaped for a while!
    I DID cry when I got my handprint wall hangings. I remember my mom getting that poem, accompanied by handprints from my little sister. She bawled, and I remember my sister looking very sheepish, like she didn't know what she'd done wrong.
    I love to read what you're writing, but I do have one complaint. You ALWAYS leave me hanging!

  5. Cute floral dress! I like the boots with them.


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