Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Silvery Bathroom Inspired by Young House Love

I've been planning this makeover of our tiny off-the-kitchen half-bathroom for months!  Probably nearly a year.  I was inspired by what Young House Love did to their daughter's walk-in closet.  


So I painted the walls General Paint's Packing Nut (the same as the living room), and carved myself a potato stamp.

I actually measured and used a level, while YHL did not.  I don't quite have the sense of space that they do and knew I'd totally mess up.  Until recently, I couldn't even write in a straight line on a piece of paper.  Letters to my pen pals would inevitably curve down as I wrote each line.

Even with the measuring, I mispositioned two of the corner stamps.  I did the corners last by cutting the stamp in half and stamping twice, one for each wall (letting the first one dry of course.)

My little collection of vintage/antique mirrors now has a home.  I bought the last one (on the right) at the antique mall the same day I found the little story book.  as soon as I saw it, I knew just where it was going to go.  Until now, the other two mirrors have been propped on the bookshelf waiting for a new home.  I'd like to hang that little wicker and rattan chair on the wall directly under the larger mirror, but right now there isn't really any point since a certain little boy will just pull it off the wall all the time.

The basket will come in handy for storage, since this bathroom doesn't have any.  Eventually I will convince Kevin to cut me a proper shelf for this space.  I can't use table saws.  They scare me.  I narrowly avoided a grevious wound last year, and was only saved by the fact that I was wearing jeans.  I'm much more comfortable with the mitre saw and the jig saw (both of which I used during this makeover!)

The shelf brackets and boards were painted using homemade chalk paint.  I'm not sure yet what I think of it.  I didn't use any wax or sealant like I should have.  What I do love about this paint mix is the earthier feel and colour that comes from adding the plaster of paris.  I will definitely be trying this again.

This picture should give you and idea of the scale of the pattern.  I spaced my little dot-flower-things farther apart than they did in that pretty pink closet.  I like both looks.

This shelf was the worst thing to figure out how to hang.  The wall in question has no studs except right next to the wall on the right.  So a 1/4-inch piece of mdf painted the wall colour with a cut out for the mirror, and some glue and silicone solved the problem...I hope.  The shelf, towel ring, and soap dispenser are from Ikea.

So that was the half-bathroom, showroom style.  Here is what it really looks like:

I'm sure as soon as My kids wake up, they'll add grimy fingerprints and drips to everything too.  This is what the room looked like before:

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  1. wow! it's gorgeous! you are very talented. :)

  2. Gorgeous!!! I would never have thought of stamping my own walls that way. I love it! And the mirrors are cool too. They probably help make a small space feel bigger. :)

  3. What a beautiful, beautiful bathroom. I remember the potato stamp from grade school and I love it on the wall. It is so peaceful and serene.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    PS I have to pin the potato stamp idea!

  4. WOWSERS, Joanna!!! It's gorgeous! You never cease to amaze me with what you can do!! I love it!

  5. It's gorgeous, Joanna. Good idea using the potato stamp. And using the level and ruler - I did the same thing with my stencil but still went off a few times.

  6. Very lovely. Great ideas. Linking from Inscribe.

  7. Thanks for your Inscribe-inspired comment on my Bible Drive-Thru Blog, Jo! And isn't this lovely! I especially like your use of that old-fashioned method, potato printing. (I think I need to hire you as a consultant for my dowdy little off-kitchen bathroom1).

  8. I never heard of such a thing. Boy where have I been? Looks so cool and awesome.Love it!

  9. I love potato stamps too! They can make the place look totally different! Your bathroom looks so cozy and beautiful. :)


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