Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Spring Nest Centrepieces

This year for the womens' ministries spring dinner, I was looking for an excuse to use my ever-growing collection of vintage books.  Decided to take advantage of any possible post-easter sales and also include a nest component.  I had planned on making the nests, out of paper, raffia, or moss, but I unexpectedly came across these little nests for a good price at walmart, so that made it so much easier on me.  Which is a good thing, since the eggs took way more work than they were worth!  I plan to post a tutorial for the faux papier mache eggs I made out of plain plastic easter eggs.  Does that make them double-faux?  I had no idea whether my plan for them would work, but I figured if all else failed, I could buy two dozen real eggs at the store to use.

The centrepieces were quite a hit, and I got so many comments on them, especially on the little strips of coffee-dyed paper I used.

The speaker was Carrielynn Lund, a woman with an incredible Job-like life story.  I was talking to her a little before the event started and discovered that her dad, whom she only knew for 2 years before he died, used to read to her from one of the books I had used in the centrepieces, "Maggie Muggins and Benny Bear."

The dinner was catered by Rockin' Robyn's Catering, and was delicious, as always!

I have no clue yet what the fall centrepieces will be, but I've got plenty of time to figure it out!


  1. BEAUTIFUL, Joanna, as always. And how uncanny that one of your vintage books was a part of her past - I always find it interesting when coincidences like that happen.

  2. You are my first follower on Colorful and Quirky! Wowza thank you! Editing is something I need to work on, alot!

    P.S. I used to work at a catering company, and decorating and planning and this post was great :)


  3. Beautiful, Joanna!
    Did you know that we used books for my daughter Ilana's bat mitzvah luncheon? She bought a whole lot of kids' books, and we stacked them artfully in the centres of the tables and planted flowers in pretty white pots to put on top of the stacks. Then she donated the books afterwards.
    I love your nests!

  4. Fabulous job, Jo! I think that if you don't want to edit any more, you can always be a decorator. I love all the little touches - the books, the sweet notes, the feather. Well done. Can't wait to hear how you made those eggs.

  5. The centerpieces looked beautiful, and I just loved that you were able to bless Carrie-Lynn!

  6. very nice! I really like the coffee dyed paper! Found you on Between Naps on the Porch.



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