Sunday, 6 May 2012

Weekend Aftermath

What?  You mean most people don't keep a paint brush next to the dish scrubbers?  It's a very handy place to let my brush dry.  On Saturday I painted the half-bathroom, finally!  I'll be adding the finishing touches on Monday, I hope, then I'll post pictures of the tiniest room in the house.  Ok, so maybe it will take me longer than Monday.

And this is the reason my typing is suffering:

I have such scrawny wrists that I get tendonitis every so often.  I don't even use full-sized paint rollers because they're too heavy and I'm in pain after only one coat of paint. This time it's not as bad as it has been before.  I used my mini roller, and it's a small room.  The only reason I'm wearing the tensor bandage is that it happened to be on the desk, which reminded me that my doctor did recommend it.  My wrist does feel better with it on.

I hope y'all are having a terrific weekend!


  1. Looking forward to pictures! I actually enjoy painting, and can't do it here. :(

  2. okay, weird and weird. lol 1) i DO have a paintbrush on my kitchen windowsill at all times. and one in the refrigerator in a sandwich bag. and 2) last week i had what i am self diagnosing at tendinitis in my right hand. i have an arthritic thumb (makes me sound so old!) but if i do too much (like sanding and painting my dining room table) i develop a very painful bump right above my wrist. hurt for a few days...i couldn't do anything. :o/ can't wait to see your half bath! MY half bath is supposed to get flooring put in today...but the installers didn't call to confirm, so who knows if they'll show up...


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