Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Died-And-Gone-To-Heaven Chocolate Cake

My cake was a success!  It was beautiful, if a tad crooked, and it tasted heavenly.  Especially the chocolate cream cheese frosting.  Although  just now I wouldn't mind not seeing any chocolate for at least a week!

The recipe is from the "You're Gonna Die Anyway" section of the Eat, Shrink, and be Merry cook book.  I made it for my friend's birthday.  We had a little party today, with four moms, seven kids (later nine kids once the first-graders got home), and some delicious food in addition to the cake.  One friend is from the east coast and makes an amazing fish chowder.

This is the birthday girl looking forward to tasting the cake!  She let me post this particular picture.  She is one of the sweetest (and chattiest) people I know.  I always smile after a conversation with her.  Happy birthday dear!

Any tips on making chocolate curls?  This is my second failed attempt.  I always end up with chocolate crumbles instead.


  1. Yum! My chocolate curls have never turn out either. I think if the chocolate is not rock hard it might work better though :) After seeing this cake, I think I might need a glass of milk. Good job Joanna!

  2. Oh wow, does that ever look good!

    And I think I know all those ladies. Hello!! :)

  3. Hi Jo - okay, the cake is gorgeous and the chocolate shavings look great. If you want some tips for chocolate curls, here you go:

    Spread the melted chocolate on the back of a cookie sheet. Let it set up - in the fridge 10 minutes - on the counter for about an hour. It should not be rock hard - that's when you get he shavings. With a scraper (you can use a paint scraper) or dough cutter, gently lift under the chocolate and push softly. Once you get going it should work. As with everything, it's easy with some practice.

  4. Wow, Joanna... your cake is adorable and looks yummy! Now off to rummage around in the pantry to find something chocolatey to eat *lol

  5. This is making me hungry! As a chocoholic that looks a hulk sized chocolate dipped strawberry. And all we have here is just plain ol' poundcake....sigh.


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