Thursday, 21 June 2012

Flower or Weed? Mystery Solved!

So the answer to the question, "Is it a flower or a weed" is "Yes!"  Snapdragons do grow as weeds here, but they also are planted as annuals.  I think they came in with some topsoil we got from a neighbour, since I saw some growing in his yard too

I was so close to pulling them all up last week, but I'm glad I didn't.  I'll enjoy them this year.  Here are some of the other things blooming in our front yard right now.  I should have caged the white peonies.


  1. I remember having snapdragons pop up all over the place after pulling them out. They are hardy little things.

    Your garden looks wonderful, Jo.

    1. Thanks Heather. I wish I could share my peonies with you! I hope you're surviving the heat too!

  2. I love snapdragons. I make them have conversation and sing. :)


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