Monday, 25 June 2012

Recommencing DIY

I've been horribly unmotivated on the blog for the past week or two or three.  Sorry about that.  It's probably because I haven't really been doing anything worth posting about.  Just visiting mom, packing for mom, moving for mom, and the usual shopping, half-hearted-housekeeping, half-completed-laundry, etc.

Now that my mom is moved into a beautiful, wonderful, and close-to-home assisted living facility instead of in a hospital downtown, I had to give her back her dresser.  She lent it to us when we were putting together our nursery in our last house, since she didn't need it at the time.  The knotty-pine finish coordinated nicely with the also-second-hand oak crib and change table.  We used it for both babies, and it was most recently residing in my boy's room.

I hadn't even started looking for a replacement, and his clothes were in mostly-neat piles along the wall, when I stumbled across this little white one at Goodwill this week.  It is solid wood...and I mean solid!  Except for the MDF drawer construction, but even those are in great shape.  I love the versatile size and dimensions, and the drawers (on wooden glides) work better than any other dresser in our house.  We've never bought a dresser in a furniture store.

I can't wait to paint it and find new handles.  I'm thinking navy blue, and I'll paint his headboard and foot-board the same colour.  I'm planning to use behr paint+primer, since I had such great results with it on the coffee table.  After 18 months, the coffee table has one tiny little chip in the paint, and a little paint transfer from something else (and we're not particularly gentle with it either).  I'd use the wonderous chalk paint, but I don't think I can afford it yet (sorry Leanne!)

This project may have to wait 'til after the fairy birthday party, since I have several other things on my to do list, but I can't wait to get started on this dresser!

What colour would you paint it? Or where would you use it in your house?


  1. What a fun project! Although it's several posts back, I blogged an entire week with nursery and children's bedroom ideas - sorry you'll have to scroll back but some of them are darling, especially for little boys. Good luck with this project and release your inner artist!

  2. Hi Jo - I love the navy idea. But if his bed is already navy, maybe you should think about using another colour (red?) What ever you do, it will be marvelous. As far as chalk paint is concerned......make your own! It's not as "chippy" as real chalk paint but so easy.

  3. My mother used to repaint our bedroom furniture periodically to update the decor. When we were younger we didn't even realize it was the same furniture.
    If I'd found this dresser, I wouldn't keep it for myself, I would gift it my sister for her childrens' bedroom. I'd paint the drawer fronts in bright primaries and the frame with chalkboard paint. Lately, my niece has been drawing on the walls with chalk - completely washable, but it might be a good idea to redirect that creativity.

  4. I'd love to refinish our kitchen table, but my poor husband had a heart attack when I suggested it! I'm not terribly hands-on crafty, so he might have a point. ;) I'll be looking forward to seeing what you do with your dresser.


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