Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Arabian Nights Masquerade

When I got this invitation in the mail, I was so excited.  An excuse to dress up!  And an excuse to wear a mask!  I was in love with Zorro for a good ten years, and I still love a man in a mask.  Wearing one myself is fun too, of course.

With my dress makeover complete by Thursday, I needed to figure out a mask.  Using a tutorial found via google, I made a lacy black mask to go with my lacy black dress.

The party was a 30th birthday celebration, and the amazingly talented planners and chefs for this party were Andrea and Nella, close friends of the guest of honour.  Nella's amazing downtown loft with exposed brick walls and hardwood floors was the location.

I didn't take a lot of pictures during the party, but I have to share the ones I did take.  All the details were perfect, from the fresh figs used as place card holders, to the "cloth of gold" on the table and the belly-dancing music.

And the food...!!!  This was what was served:

  • Moroccan Bruschetta on Crostini
  • Harira - spiced chickpea and lentil stew with orzo
  • Middle Eastern Salad
  • Jewel of Kashmir (more about that later)
  • Mint Tea Granita - steeped green tea with spearmint, lemon grass and peppermint and a hint of orange blossom
  • M'Hanncha - moroccan serpent cake spun of filo and almonds, served with fig and pear sauce, and finished with yogurt.

Everything was heavenly, and I'm definitely glad for the extra inches I added to my dress!

Now about that Jewel of Kashmir (see photo below).  The description on the menu read, "ginger-infused chicken tagine on a pumpkin waffle, topped with yogurt and sprinkled with pomegranate and pistachio confetti".  This was amazing.  Especially since Nella made it up!  She used a recipe for the tagine (kind of like a pumpkin salsa?), but put the rest of it together herself.

The two hostesses did a wonderful job and I'm in awe of their creativity and ability to pull off such a fun and beautiful party.


  1. This is an interesting birthday party and especially since there were several attending. I love the pictures. Any chance of getting the recipe for the pumpkin waffle?

  2. Joanna, you did such a lovely job of documenting these details! Thank you for being there and for sharing these photos. It was a night to remember. :)

  3. Wow, that looks like an amazing party!!! :) Your mask is cool. :)


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