Saturday, 21 July 2012

Cute Chicks

"Look at those cute chicks!"  That was my daughter's exclamation during supper tonight.  These three cast-iron birds were my birthday gift from one of my mothers-in-law this year.  They rest in a little cast-iron dish among pebbles from her garden.  They're the perfect decoration for the top of the sideboard/dresser in the kitchen.  I love my cute chicks!  I'm beginning to have quite a family of cast-iron birds...first Jasper, then the red one, and now these.  Plus a few of their ceramic cousins.  But honestly, I don't collect birds.

PS: Have you ever gone through stages where you felt like you had nothing to say...even though there was plenty you could say.  That's been me over these past few weeks.  I've taken pictures for blog posts...and even edited some of them.  But I've been uninspired to post.  I just feel like anything I could write would be trivial.  I know it's just my own mindset that I need to shake off.  And I will!


  1. Cute little birdies. Just the way I like them, immobile. Don't sweat your blog posts - I enjoy even just a pretty picture to look at when I'm surfing through my reading list. And you're on mine ;)

    1. You're right, immobile is good. We had a robin in our backyard once who dive-bombed me every time I opened the back door. Thanks so much for having me on your list! That makes my day!

  2. Hi Jo - I know exactly how you feel - sometimes I think there really is nothing "newsworthy" to say - no big project reveal, no inspirational thoughts to share and I'm beginning to wonder exactly how many more pictures of my flowers you can all endure. So my posting has been sporadic too lately - the weather, vacation, visitors - real life seems to be getting in the way of my blogging lately.

    Cute birds, by the way.

  3. I love your birdies. And I've missed your posts! Might seem trivial to you, but to someone outside your head, it's nice to have a peek in. :)


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